We thrive to create

State of the Art Blockchain Platforms

At Vaionex, we forge interactive user experiences.
We create BSV applications that interconnect and offer third-party development services.

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Token Solutions

We can craft custom token solutions with legal compliance.

API development

With ApiAndMe we specialize in creating innovative APIs.

Platform development

We develop custom-made platforms for third-parties.

Bitcoin Integration

All of our products relate to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Our Services

What we offer

We are an experienced team of web and app developers that can build professional blockchain platforms within days. Our platforms support decentralized wallet and token integrations and the best practices of development.

Our daily rates are ultra competitive and are oriented to the level of detail a platform requires.

For companies and teams that already have running platforms, we offer our development services and vast blockchain knowledge to enhance and complete projects to a professional standard.

The rates depend on the current platform state and requirements. Feel free to email us for a project cost estimate at the contact form. Start building your Bitcoin business today.

Insights into blockchain and technology fundamentals are essential before starting any larger project. We offer our blockchain consulting services with our combined developer experience that can shorten building processes by months.

We are available for team conference calls and messaging to make sure that you get the exact Bitcoin platform that you envisioned.

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