Vaionex Corporation

Vaionex Marketplace

Open source software is a main driver in nowadays software development. We created a open source market for R and Python developers around the world to share novel approaches and algorithms to the coding community. We are currently in the beta stage of Rcodes.  

Vaionex AI

AI is a key element of the 21th century. Neuronal Networks in combination with GPU clusters allow us to computationally solve problems only humans could before. 

Vaionex Biotech

While IT makes tremendous advancements, the endgame of all technological archievements will be biotechnology. Therefore we aquired early on talented biochemists to invest wisely when we see opportunities.  

Vaionex Data Science

In a time where knowledge is the key element of corporate success - we use the full extend of data science analysis methods to extract actionable information of any dataset.

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Colaborations and other requests are welcome, just leave us a message.

Incorporated in Delaware, USA. 

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